Meet Jake Butler

Jake Butler is a renowned investor who specializes in residential and commercial real estate.  After spending considerable time as a school teacher, he was able to take a part-time venture in real estate and become full-time by investing successfully. He has found much of his success by navigating the foreclosure, short sale, REO, and commercial markets.

His real estate acquisition company is known as JB & Associates, and his educational platform is called Money University. Jake gives back to the community through his nonprofit organization: The Youth Academy, which is an after-school, summer, and online program that teaches kids about money and investing.

Jake attended the University of Miami, Florida for his Bachelors Degree, and George Mason
University for his Masters. He also has a certification in Real Estate Development from Nova
Southeastern University. His education and background have allowed him to not only grow his
company, but also, and most importantly, help individuals that have various real estate needs.
"Helping people to resolve their real estate problems is what I enjoy the most."

His home study course: Investing in Real Estate with Little to No Money Using An Assignment
of Contract; and his book on Private Lending have helped many to achieve success.

Soon, Jake’s new book will be released next Fall. It's entitled, From the Bottom to the Top: How
he went from being a school teacher to owning over $1 million in assets; all while managing a
chronic illness. It's an intended best seller and various media outlets are already awaiting its

As the real estate market is on an upswing, Jake has been teaching students to invest in real
estate with little to no money; and providing his investors with above average returns. For a free consultation, or for public speaking engagements please contact Jake directly at 305-926-2839.  You can also send an email to Company information may be found at and

Since age 2, Jake has suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia, a known inherited blood disorder that
causes severe pain in the body. Butler will soon be opening Miami’s first after-hour Sickle Cell
Care Center for patients that live with SC. The Center is expected to open in late May 2020.